We understand your vision and the challenges you face. In order to respond to your customers’/clients’ demands, your strategy is to keep exploring and improving the quality of your products and/or services. As you position yourself for strategic growth in both domestic and overseas markets, you will need atrusted business advisor who not only meets your compliancedemands but also provides a wider perspective to yourbusiness issues. Wewant you to realise the benefits that we can bring by being your trusted business advisor.

We are valued for being practical, our technical expertise and insights into the business industries in Malaysia. Share with us your ambitions, and we will help you get there. Withyears of experience in this professional industry, our team offers deep insight built on practical knowledge. From business structures to business practices, and from accounting or taxation issues to industry terminology, we understand your challenges and your business needs.


The right team to work with you
We have team with relevant knowledge and technical experience to serve your business needs.
Experience and insights sharing
Our team is committed to foster a working relationship that enables trust and transparency in communication and reporting. We will work closely with management to ensure that compliance requirements are well met, while maintaining our independence in the process as well as treating confidential information with utmost care.
Working relationship built on trust
The depth and breadth of our capabilities mean that we look at your business issues and give relevant, topical and technical advice for your consideration.

Audit & Assurance

Our KCK & ASSOCIATES PLT (LLP0023241-LCA & AF1380) is a licensed audit firm. We provide audit and other assurance related services covering a high number of diversified clienteles in Malaysia.

Apart from financial statements audit, we also offer the following services:

  • Financial due diligence
  • Business valuation
  • Investigation and facts finding procedures
  • Financial analysis and forecasting
  • Business processes and internal controls review and enhancement
  • System integrity and data assurance health checks
  • System implementation readiness assessment
  • Implementation and adoption of new IFRS and MFRS accounting standards
  • Monitoring accountant
  • MIDA incentives verification (e.g. grant, pioneer status, investment tax allowance, etc.)

Tax Consultancy & Indirect Tax

Apart from supporting our clients with their annual regulatory corporate and personal tax compliance and meeting their regulatory obligations, our tax consultants, KCK CONSULTANCY SERVICES SDN BHD [199601031778 (404130-T)] also provides consultation and support on the following matters:-
  • Transfer pricing assessment and documentation
  • Tax efficiencies
  • Tax risks assessment
  • Tax incentives application
  • Grant application
  • Tax audits and investigations
  • Representation at the Special Commissioners of Income Tax and Customs Tribunals
  • Tax due diligence
  • Business and company setup advisory
  • Group structure advisory
  • Real property gains tax advisory
  • LMW license application
  • Business license application
  • Sales and service tax
  • GST refunds and appeals

Management Consultancy & Corporate Restructuring

We provide management consultancy services to our clients such as strategic and financial / management services. Our services include providing management with up-to-date and relevant information to meet the challenges of the market place. Our services include corporate strategy and planning, mergers and acquisition and business reviews and management.

On corporate reconstruction we will at the request of management or the financial institution undertake a review of the company’s business and prospects with a view to advising management on available options. Our aim is always to be positive and to preserve business as a going concern so as to benefit bankers, creditors and shareholders alike.

Family Business Succession Planning

We promote the preservation of family wealth, business sustainability and harmony. Many successful family owned businesses do not have a formal structure and plan to help preserve the family wealth and businesses over generations and we are enthusiast to assist.

Accounting & Payroll Services

We provide assistance to our non-audit clients on the following accounting, indirect taxes and payroll matters:
  • Onsite and offsite general accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Preparation of budgets, cash flow and profit forecasts, management reports and financial statements
  • Design and implementation of monitoring mechanism and internal controls
  • Preparation of other documents and records
  • Payroll services


KCK Group pays high attention to the needs of our clients. Apart from all the services listed above, our pool of versatile talents are open to explore any other type of services related to our profession as may be required from our clients from time to time as and when their need arises.